Simple Fun on a Warm Day

Simple Fun on a Warm Day

By  Cynthia Parker, VP of Training & Curriculum

Sometimes it feels like we are always looking for somewhere to go to keep our children entertained.  The warmer weather offers us many opportunities to set up simple outdoor experiences for our your children.  Consider how easy the following ideas are :

  • Obstacle course: Use simple objects such as hoops, balls or jump ropes to set a course.
  • Sensory for one: Use a dishpan and fill it with soapy water, mud, ooblick or whatever you have on hand.  Toss in some kitchen objects and you have a perfect size sensory experience for one!
  • Bring the indoors out: Take out the favorite set of plastic animals, baby dolls, cars or Legos.  If they are plastic they can be cleaned up easily when brought back in.
  • Scavenger hunt: Make a picture list of objects in the yard.  Include nature items too.  Children love to be detectives!
  • Chalk: Turn your driveway into the envy of the neighborhood with your own work of art!
  • Create a clubhouse: If you don’t have a tent to set up, try hanging sheets from trees or fences to create a special place for your child to hide out or hold onto that box from your new appliance.
  • Paint the fence: With a household paint brush and water, your child will be busy, busy, busy.

Expensive toys are not necessary for great outdoor fun.  With items around you, you can spice up your child’s outdoor time, keeping them engaged for hours!  Who knows, you may now have time to relax with some ice tea!

Never take for granted the advantages that 10 minutes each day of reading to your child allows them!

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