Rogy’s Learning Place in Peoria Heights, Illinois
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702 E Lake Ave
Peoria Heights, IL 61616


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6 weeks - 12 years

Programs Available

Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Before & After School, Summer Camp

Rogy’s Learning Place
in Peoria Heights, Illinois

About Rogy’s Learning Place in Peoria Heights, Illinois

We believe in making the most of childhood at Rogy’s Learning Place. That is why we make every effort to ensure all children we serve receive exceptional care and enjoy a custom-tailored early childhood education experience.

NAC Accreditation

Our preschool education center became accredited with The National Accreditation Commission (NAC) in October 2011. NAC identifies and acknowledges early childcare education programs that focus on practices that lead to the best outcomes in children.

Here are just a few characteristics of our childcare program that reflect our ability to be NAC-accredited:

  • We make the development of each child our priority;
  • We offer daycare and childcare programs that enhance areas, including cognitive, language, motor, social, and emotional;
  • We foster curiosity, self-esteem and a positive outlook in all students;
  • We encourage parent involvement; and,
  • We have proven a superior degree of compliance with applicable state and local licensing requirements.

Our Preschools Programs:

  • Infant Childcare (6 weeks – 15 months). Your baby’s journey starts here. Music, toys, and books are part of our daycare’s nurturing, responsive infant environment, along with loveable caregivers, who spend the day caring for your child.
  • Toddler Childcare (15 months – 2 years). The focus of our toddler daycare program is based around independence, creative movement, language development, and socialization.
  • Two-Year-Olds (2 – 3 years). Areas of learning in this childcare program include cognitive and social development, developing a love of reading, potty training skills, and lots of fitness and playtime.
  • Preschool (3 – 5 years). This Pre-K program is focused on school readiness. By combining both self-directed and structured activities, the curriculum provides the chance for students to develop skills and encourage creativity.
  • Before & After School (5 – 12 years). School-age kids need a distraction from school and a creative, fun, laid-back atmosphere in which to learn. In this less formal setting, children can play games, make art projects, play outside, challenge their  technology skills, rest in our quiet area, or finish any homework assignments.
  • Summer Camp  (6 – 12 years). Opportunities, such as field trips, sports, reading, and computer projects are provided in an environment that is led by professional staff that understand the needs of children in this age range.

A Focus on the Positive

Rogy’s implements a program known as Positive Behavior Support (PBS) to enhance social and emotional development and promote school readiness. The approach was originally developed by the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) and leverages a pyramid model to address the social and emotional needs of children.

More specifically, PBS focuses on being proactive in preventing challenging behaviors by building positive relationships, creating a supportive environment for our students, and utilizing specific strategies in teaching emotional and social development.

With PBS, the amount of time our early childhood education center spends addressing challenging behaviors is significantly reduced and allows our experienced teachers and staff to support all areas of development and learning in all students.

To learn more about PBS, we encourage you to check out the following resources:

Our New Learning Assessment System

This past year, we implemented a new learning assessment system, The Learning Accomplishment Profile-Third Edition (LAP-3) and The Early Learning Accomplishment Profile (E-LAP).

The purpose of this new evaluation process is to assist teachers in evaluating children’s skill development in six or seven domains of development: gross motor, fine motor, pre-writing, cognitive, language, self-help, and personal/social. As a result of our new assessment system, personalized, developmentally appropriate activities are integrated each day thanks to this detailed picture of each child’s progress.

Open Door Policy

At Rogy’s Learning Place, we pride ourselves on effective communication with families. We encourage every parent and guardian to feel welcome to stop by our office anytime with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

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Rogy’s Learning Place in Peoria Heights is located at 702 E Lake Ave, Peoria Heights, IL 61616. For more information, call usat (309) 686-9155.

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