Our Programs

Exceptional childcare and early educational programs for children 6 weeks - 12 years old.

Rogy’s Learning Place has developed age-specific programs to support the emotional, social, and academic development of young children.

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6 weeks - 15 months

Soft objects, books, music, and toys are all a part of our warm, responsive infant environment. So are loving caregivers, who spend the day talking, singing, and playing games with your child. A daily written report keeps you up-to-date on your baby’s sleeping, eating, and diapering schedule.

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15 months - 2 years

Rapid development is part of being a toddler. And toddlers thrive in our safe, nurturing environment where they’re encouraged to think through their actions, solve problems, and experience new things.

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2 - 3 years

Two-year-olds are curious explorers of the world around them. Our enriching environment, range of educational toys and materials, and self-directed activities help enhance their sense of discovery and encourage their independence—all of which prepares them for the adventures of preschool.

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3 - 5 years

Your preschool child is involved in many hands-on activities to enhance his or her learning experiences. Our day is filled with a variety of choices for learning, with a good balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities.

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Kindergarten Club

4 – 5 years

Kindergarten Club is designed to help our students become more comfortable with the transition into kindergarten, fine-tune the skills necessary to enter elementary school, and celebrate this special milestone.

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School-Age Program

5 - 12 years

School-age children need a break from school and a creative, fun, and relaxed environment in which to learn. In our less formal setting, your child can play games with friends, create art projects, have fun outside, challenge his or her computer skills, relax in our quiet area, or complete homework assignments.

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Summer Camp

6 - 12 years

Offered for children 6-12 years of age, the summer program provides an extensive range of activities, including picnics, educational exhibits, summer sports, computer projects, and a library reading program.