Kindergarten Club

Kindergarten Club

This past week we started Kindergarten Club in Room 8 and the children had a blast! Kindergarten Club is a special club for children that will be going to Kindergarten. Some activities and skills that we will be working on include (but not limited to): learning social skills, practice listening skills, working in handwriting journals, recognizing numerous sight words, reciting address/phone number, and participating in homework “challenges” with family members. Kindergarten Club is a half day program that is implemented every Friday. See you then!

Signing In: We introduced an attendance binder that allows the children to write their names next to their picture. Children are to sign in at every class meeting (every Friday).

Kindergarten Club ID Badge & Shirt: Children received their own lanyard with an ID badge. They were able to string the beads any way they wanted and we practiced our fine motor skills during this project. We also received Kindergarten Club t-shirts that we will wear every class meeting! Shirts and badges will be worn every Friday.

Is your child going to Kindergarten in the fall? Are they ready? Call our center to get your child enrolled in the Kindergarten Club today!



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