Child Care Checklist

Teaching Staff:

Staff members are the key component in our commitment to consistency. Our teachers meet strict state requirements & undergo a comprehensive orientation period, to assure parents of educational excellence. Here is our educational checklist.

Learning Environment:

While “Rogy’s” provides well-planned programs rich in developmentally and age appropriate activities, we also understand a child’s need for free choice & individual growth. Our learning environment strikes a healthy balance between both of these vital areas.

Physical Environment:

Well-maintained on a daily basis, all of “Rogy’s” child care centers have been continually acknowledged for cleanliness, as well as a professional attitude concerning good health habits.

Appropriate Materials:

“Rogy’s” ensures that all children in every developmental level have access to a large variety of materials and equipment. This diverse selection allows children to pursue their interests, while gaining a feeling of competence and environmental mastery.

Parental Communication:

Parents play an important role in child care service…And at “Rogy’s”, we strive to maintain complete parental satisfaction by providing regular progress reports regarding the social, physical and academic development of their children.

Social Environment:

Teachers at all “Rogy’s” facilities are encouraged to respect the children as individuals, while promoting independence and self-control. This practice repeatedly fosters healthy self-images, as well as realization of potential.