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A Good Night Sleep

by Cynthia Parker-M ED. Children need their sleep for healthy growth.  A newborn needs up to 18 hours of sleep per day (including naps) while a five year old still need up to 11 hours per day.  Developing healthy sleephabits

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Trying to get it all done at home

by Cynthia Parker-M.ED. With young children, working to get simple tasks such as a meal prepped, the dishwasher loaded or bills paid can seem like a daunting task.  Sure, you can do some of it after your child goes to

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Saying Goodbye with a Smile

t is quite normal for children to tear up and feel sad when saying goodbye to a parent at drop off.   In fact, often children will grow out of this phase and then fall back into it when they become

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Holiday Stress

How would you describe the holiday season for your family; joyous, rushed, exciting, festive, frazzled?  It can certainly be all of the above, and parents of young children are particularly aware and impacted by the pace of the holiday season.

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Toddlers and Biting

Biting is a developmentally appropriate behavior for toddlers.  Many children experiment with biting between the ages of 1-3.  The child’s caregivers play a pivotal role in helping the child develop more positive problem solving behaviors during this time. Biting is

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Simple Fun on a Warm Day

By  Cynthia Parker, VP of Training & Curriculum Sometimes it feels like we are always looking for somewhere to go to keep our children entertained.  The warmer weather offers us many opportunities to set up simple outdoor experiences for our your

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Establishing a Bedtime Routine

Sleep is essential for a healthy family dynamic, both for children and for parents.  Everyone in the family functions better when they are getting enough hours of quality sleep each night. Age Hours of Sleep 0 – 2 months 10.5

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Diaper Changing Tips

We have all been there; the stench in the air is telling you it’s time to change your baby’s diaper, or maybe it’s their crying giving you the gentle cue.  As child care professionals, here are a few tips and

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Finding Family Time

Creating quality time with family is difficult as we multi-task our way through the week. It seems that more and more often, “Hurry we are going to be late!” is the mantra of the day. Working parents are always trying

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