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Missy Koeppel – Director


 My name is Missy Koeppel. My husband Matt and I live in Hopedale with our 2 children Dillon(14) and MaKayla(9).  I have been working for Rogy’s for over 12 years now. I enjoy working with children and their families as they grow, develop, and learn.

Tina Wyman- Assistant Director

My name is Tina Wyman and I have a son (19) and a step-daughter (23).  I’m very involved with my family.  I have a 4 year old Grandson and a 6 month old granddaughter!! I graduated with an associates in Early Childhood.  I have been in child care for 22 years.  I’ve been with Rogy’s for 12 years.  I love working with children and watching them grow.  When a child accomplishes something, the smile of their face is priceless. Every child holds a special spot in my life.



About Us:


We strive to teach children not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well.

As an approach to recognize positive behavior and reduce or eliminate challenging behaviors, Rogy’s implements a program to enhance social and emotional development and promote school readiness. The approach was developed by Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning or CSEFEL and uses a pyramid model to address the social and emotional needs of children. We at Rogy’s like to refer to this approach as PBS. PBS focuses on being proactive in preventing challenging behaviors by building positive relationships with our children and families, creating a supportive environment for our children, and finally, using specific strategies in teaching social and emotional development. With PBS in place, the amount of time addressing challenging behaviors has been reduced and in turn has allowed our staff to focus on the positive behaviors and to support all areas of development and learning in all children.                
We work really hard to teach PBS strategies to our children and love the results that we get!  It is an amazing program to help the children really blossom emotionally and learn to deal with different emotions and different situations.  It also helps the teachers to focus one on one with children, especially during their difficult times.  We want the children to learn through every experience to ensure that they are constantly growing.  One way we help our children learn is through helping them understand what is going to happen that day.  Most people appreciate some routine and consitency to their day, so our classrooms each have a .  As we progress through our days, we want the children to focus on the positive as much as possible, so our teachers work hard to constantly develop different strategies to reassure the children that they are doing the right thing.  For example, when they clean up, they can fill up the  and earn a classroom party!  With PBS, the children always want to be caught being good.  .  Our wonderful teachers love to reinforce positive behavior, so they pick a child, who has really shown growth emotionally,  and name them the .  Each child in the classroom gets an opportunity to show off their family, friends, likes, hobbies and more.  A huge part of Rogy’s is knowing the children as individuals.  It helps us to meet their needs specifically.  We celebrate the uniqueness of each child that comes through our doors.  When meeting the emotional needs of each child, we want to be sure that they have plenty of space to use to relax when they need a moment to themselves.  We call this area our “Thought Spot”.        We always offer posters, books, activities and comfy rugs and pillows to help the children understand their feelings and learn to control different types of emotions.  Our teachers find it helpful to have some Super Heros and other popular characters around to be reminders to the children throughout their day as to what the classroom rules and expectations are.      .  Our ultimate goal is to help the children grow and to learn !  PBS is a huge part of our day.  If you have any questions regarding our program, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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 July Newsletter

 Morning Routine!
For some people, early mornings are not always our favorite time of day. In order to review an easy morning routine just remember the word “WAS.”
W- Wait until 6:30am to drop off your children. We are not able to allow children in the building earlier than that, because our staff are preparing for the day.
A- Accompany your child to their classroom. We would like to avoid children walking into the building on their own, or down the hallways on their own.
S- Sign the binder at the front desk. Please write the time you drop off along with your signature or initials. Please do the same for when you pick up your children.
May this acronym help to keep your morning routine smooth as well as help us to be sure the children are where they need to be and safe at the correct time. Thank you for your understanding and for helping us ensure all children are accounted for and safe.

Safety First!
We have children that come and go from our building all day long. There is drop offs, pick ups, school buses and field trips going on throughout the day every day. Please keep this in mind as you drive through our parking lot. Please drive slowly while dropping off and picking up your children so we can ensure the safety of all children here. Please be courteous to others in the parking lot and park in a proper parking spot to avoid blind spots in the parking lot. We want everyone to come and go as needed safely. Thank you! 

Happy Birthday America!
Show your American spirit and celebrate the 4th of July by wearing Red, White and Blue on Thursday July 2nd. Keep in mind that we will be closed on Friday, July 3rd to celebrate Independence Day. We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!!

Don’t Miss Out!!
- School Age parents, please be sure August field trip money is paid by Monday, July 27th.
-Goldie’s Ice Cream Truck will be here July 10th and 24th. It is $1.00.
-Inflatable’s 3 in 1 will be here on July 15th. It is $3.00 per child. Children will be able to bounce during their outside time.
-Tumbles Field trip will be Thursday July 30th
-Check our calendar for the Red Cross Lessons we have planned this month.
- Please make sure you pay your weekly fees each week!!
- It is very important that you are signing your children in and out each day!
-Please make sure your child has extra clothes in case of accidents!

Have an Amazing Month!!

August Newsletter


 Welcome, Welcome Everyone!
School is quickly approaching and we have many new families starting and several families returning from summer break. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, current and new families, for choosing Rogy’s Learning Place. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with your children. Our goal is to provide the best chid care possible, so please let us know if there is anything else we can do to meet your families needs.

Back To School!!
We have had a fun and busy summer and can’t believe that school is just around the corner. August 11th is the first day of school for Morton. That day will be a half day for 1st grade and up. Kindergartners will only go for an hour that day. The school will notify you of when your child should be there that day. Kindergarten parents, please let us know if your child will be attending AM or PM kindergarten and which school they will be attending so that we can plan our bus schedule properly. School Age parents, please let us know if your child will be before school, after school or both once school starts up. We will be adjusting school age billing the week of the 11th to switch from our summer to school year billing. Please let us know before that time what your child’s schedule will be so we can bill accordingly.
Please make sure you child’s file is up to date and they have a current physical here. You are welcome to bring in a physical form whenever you go to the doctor so that we stay up to date.

Moving On Up!!
When school starts we will be having classroom move ups. With some of our preschoolers starting kindergarten, we will have room in our preschool rooms to move up and enroll new children. If your child is within the top half of his/her class, as far as age, there is good possibility they will be moving to the next classroom the middle of August. We will begin transitioning children slowly to get them used to new teachers and environments. If you have any questions about the move ups or would like to meet with your child’s new teachers, please see Missy or Tina and we can help you with anything you need to make the transition easy for your child and your family. Final class lists will be posted the week before school starts to show which room your child will be in.

Don’t’ Miss Out!!

* 8/4 – 18 foot slide $3
* 8/6 – Happy Meals $5

Week of August 3rd is Crazy Week

Monday 8/3 – Crazy Hair Day
Tuesday 8/4 – Sports Day
Wednesday 8/5 – Inside Out Day
Thursday 8/6 – Costume Day
Friday 8/7 – Pajama day

Have a Wonderful Month!!







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