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NGCC Is Open! Monday, March 21st.

Next Generation Children’s Centers will be open regular operating hours on Monday, March 21.  We encourage all staff and families to allow ample time in your morning commute to  provide for your safety. Please call your school if your child

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NGCC Spotlight – Hopkinton’s Toddler X

At Next Generation creativity, free thinking, making something great out of nothing are all highly valued teaching traits.  In Hopkinton the management team has found all three traits in one teaching team!

Full STEAM ahead!

It’s full STEAM ahead at NGCC! The education field loves to use acronyms to describe their educational and curriculum initiatives.  Acronyms like STEM and STEAM are popular in educational jargon right now, but what do they mean?

NGCC Spotlight – Andover’s Dawn Trusty

We are pleased to spotlight the Andover school’s Dawn Trusty.  In the field of early childhood it is always best to expect the unexpected.  Dawn has been Andover’s “go to” person to help make the unexpected a little bit easier

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